Tiny Toddler Puts On Hat & Waits For Music. Has Internet In Stitches Instant He Spins Around To Dance

Everyone is born with a talent, even if we recognize it at a very young age, later on during our life or never. But for sure we do have a special strength to share with the world.
The baby boy in this story has an incredible love for music and in the same time a great ability to dance and perform. His mother, Alice is very proud of him and she shared her son’s fancy footwork on the internet.

This young man jumps and kicks to upbeat music while his mom takes a video of his performance. His moves know no boundaries, regardless he is in the living room , bedroom or shower.
He is a fan of Pop Music King and in the following video he’s performing to Michael Jackson’s hit song ”Billy Jean”. With the hat, fancy feet and quick spins, this cute toddler has Michael Jackson’s moves down pat!
With his adorable long-sleeved onesie this little dancer takes the stage (his mother’s hallway) to put life on Michael Jackson’s greatest moves.
Once he hears the music, the fancy footwork starts as well and the boy kicks, twists and sways exactly like Michael.

He has certainly been doing his performing homework – even pausing a moment to ensure that his hat is sitting correctly atop his little head.
This must-see rendition of Billy Jean is certain to melt your heart!


Watch here this cute little star in action: