Do Not Marry a Guy Who Has These 10 Habits

Taking the decision to spend the rest of your life with a man who is far away from being the right one for you can be one of the worst decisions that you could take. You should always keep in mind that it’s a big challenge to live next to a person who doesn’t share the same dreams, beliefs and perception about life.

Constantly evaluating the people from you life is a normal thing and you should do this especially if you plan to marry that person. We have gathered a list of habits that should definitely make you think twice before deciding to spend the rest of your life next to this kind of man.

1. He’s Not Accepting Animals

It’s not a crime not to like animals, but it’s usually a sign that you shouldn’t get involved in something serious with this kind of people especially if you are an animals lover. There can even be the case that you will be asked to choose between him and your pet just because he simply can’t stand animals.

2. He Can’t Keep His Promises

We do agree that it’s normal not to be able to fulfill all your promises as unexpected situations may appear for each of us, but when this behavior becomes a regular one then there’s a big problem. You don’t want to be constantly disappointed and living with the hope that one day he will change. Because he will not!

3. He Has A Narrow Perspective

This kind of person can be a terrible one to marry. Accepting daily negativity in your life will change your life completely without you even realizing this. Stay away from negative people!

4. Doesn’t Accept Your Relationship ”Decorum”

Every relationship is based on some established and accepted rules from both sides so it will never be a good sign if someone keeps disregarding them.

5. Simply Loves Clashes

Of course there are fights in each relationship when a disagreement appears. What is not normal is to enjoy this every single time and try to continue it instead of trying to give it an end.

6. He Considers You Less Important

There are two people in a relationship so both of them should be prioritized to the same extent. You need to feel that you’re a priority in order to feel loved and appreciated for who you are.

7. Enjoys Having The Last Word Every Single Time

It’s great to be talkative, but it’s annoying to have a partner who always stops you when talking just to show you he has the best idea or opinion.

8. Finds Excuses All The Time

Giving too many excuses it’s a clear sign that he considers other things to be more important than you and he doesn’t really care about how you feel.

9. Relying On You Too Much

When you notice he’s relying too much on you and your presence just because he’s comfortable with it is not healthy at all. It’s a clear sign that your partner is insecure and not at all independent.

10. He Abuses You

That’s for sure the worst thing that can happen and if this is the case, just run immediately! Nobody wants an abusive life partner.