Meet The Girl Who Looks So Much Like Beyonce That Paparazzi Chase Her Down On The Street

Every time we turn on our TV or read the newspaper in the morning, we get news about celebrities around the world. It’s quite impossible to avoid it, even if you’re not a fan, and you have to admit that it’s difficult not be impressed by these beautiful people. I bet you would like to be mistaken for one of these celebrities, even just for one day, wouldn’t you?
Well, it might not be that fun as you imagine. The young lady in this story is called Brittany and she’s looking exactly like Beyonce!


She confessed is extremely difficult for her to get out of her house without being mistaken for the ”irreplaceable” superstar.
It doesn’t matter that she is going to a party, attending an event or just going at the supermarket, people are approaching her everywhere and they also take pictures without even asking her. This situation is already making her feel exhausted.


She was even chased down the street for a selfie by a group of obsessed Beyonce fans, making her feel uncomfortable. Brittany also confessed that some women started beating on the windows of her car with their heels and they didn’t stop until they got a picture with the terrified young lady.


What’s more, she doesn’t even want to be like Beyonce in any way and it’s just a crazy and problematic coincidence. She would just like that star’s fans stop harrasing her, even if she agrees now that she’s taking it as a compliment to be compared with the talented and beautiful star.