“Goodbye, my darling” heartbroken father gives last kiss to daughter killed by the woman she loved most

Most people hold this opinion that fathers happen to be less caring and do not love as much the mothers do but it is not always true! There are times when certain issues create the love of the mother to fail, which can harm the child and can lead to the death of a child. Which is basically the inability of a person to be a good parent.

In fact unconstrained motherly love, is the main source through which offspring survive but sadly, in this case, some mothers stoop down to the level of animals. This is because the mothers who fall short of what it actually is to be a good parent become obnoxious and cruel as they forget what it actually means to be a truly good parent. When couples separate they often part ways on a bad note which affects the children. However, the interest of children should be noticed the most.

Last year Sanda separated from her husband Senad and decided to move out of the house and live with her new boyfriend.

However, things took a frightening turn as her new boyfriend had a child of their own and decided that they all should
blend families and live together by starting a new life.

The daughter of Senad and Sanda, Arina, decided that she was going to live with her mother, however, one day her father noticed various bruising on the child and called social services. However, the social services did not find a single thing wrong. When Arina kept getting the injuries the police found that the story her mother was telling happened to be wrong because of which she and her boyfriend were charged with an offence.

As a result of the injuries, the child died and her father was able to do nothing but just give her one last kiss before she actually passed away. The couple was imprisoned and several offences were charged against them for their horrible actions.

Raise awareness of child abuse so that the innocent children do not die of abuse and violence. Although this story had a sad ending however it enlightens the society with what savagery is being committed so that it does not occur in future.