Drinking Lavender Lemonade Eases Your Headache & Anxiety

Not a lot of people know it yet, but lavender oil is one of the strongest essential oils having a lot of health benefits. It’s a must have in your house as it has lots of useful properties.

The lavender oil has more than 100 active components which are great for your health : anti-fungal, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, detoxifier, antispasmodic, sedative, antidepressant and hypotensive features.

Some American researchers discovered that lavender oil has a great impact in lowering anxiety and also heart rate for students taking important exams.
Another stunning thing about this oil is that it proved to be more effective than rest and even massage, calming labor pain and improving insomnia.
There’s also evidence proving that lavender oil helps people get rid of headaches, hangovers, serving as a pain relief.
It has great results and lavender is so used due to the sedative effect that the oil has to offer. Taking a look at the Hamilton scale we can see that lavender oil lowers anxiety and increases the mood.

One of the best uses of this oil is in lavender lemonade which can be prepared at home.


Lavender Lemonade Recipe :

– 12 cups of clean water
– 1 cup of fresh honey
– A drop of lavender oil
– 6 peeled and squeezed lemons
– Lavender springs

Mix all the ingredients and cool the drink. Add more honey or water if needed.

Some other uses of lavender oil

In order to lower your anxiety and ease your headaches , you can also:

-Spread in the air around ten drops of oil to relax after a busy day.
-Make a bath with a few drops of this oil for your dry skin.