Adventurous Dog & Cat Best Friends Love Exploring The Outdoors Together

Cynthia Bennett and her lover Andre love adventure and hiking in Colorado. They decided to adopt a puppy and so they met Henry at an adoption event. Henry, a ”mix of Shepherd, Husky, Boxer, Aussie and Staffordshire Terrier” became a family member immediately and a few days after when on his first hike. It was easy to notice that he’s a natural climber and he loves climbing as much as they do, and since then the couple decided to take Henry everywhere with them.

Only a few months later, Cynthia and Andre came up with the idea to find a friend for Henry and that’s how they the Siamese kitten Baloo appeared in their lives. Once he met Henry, the two of them became inseparable best friends.
A few weeks after they formed this family, Baloo was demanding to be taken with them on their hikes as he was crying at the door when they refused to do so.

The two rescue pets love to explore sand dunes, forests and mountains: “Baloo’s little legs do get tired,” says Cynthia, so he often hitches a ride in her backpack, perches on Henry’s back, or even on top of his head. Since bringing Baloo with them on their adventures, “Henry has become the best big brother and always checks on him to make sure he is doing okay,” says Bennett.









Source: Bored Panda