6 Things You Need To Know About Loving an Overthinker

There are different types of people in this world and dating someone might be a real challenge, especially when it’s someone totally different from you.
When it comes about dating an overthinker you’ll find it almost impossible to understand why some people are so focused on details. People thinking about every single detail of their life are often seen as being weird.
The overthinkers are always worrying and getting anxious about everything which is a bad habit but it can also become useful in some situations.


Are you preparing to date an overthinker? You might want to read these things before :

1. Specify the Date and Time

When going out with an overthinker, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure you tell him/her all the details, including place, time and date. And what’s more important, be there in time! It’s gonna be terrible to let and overthinker waiting for you to show up. Your date is going to imagine all the possible situations for which you’re late and worry about you, so don’t be late!

2. Say Exactly What You Mean

When discussing with an overthinker, there’s better not to leave room for interpretation. Be direct and say the things you mean, so the overthinker will not try to get into your mind and to understand what you really want. Include all the details and the shortest explanations possible and you’re safe.

3. Stop Thinking The Worst

As we already mentioned, overthinkers really do a lot of thinking, which can become frustrating for their life partner. Tension is created as the other other is feeling alone and starts to believe something bad is happening.
The best thing to do in this kind of situations is to ask the overthinker what is wrong as you will get a real answer for sure. Avoid becoming an overthinker yourself and discuss directly.

4. Don’t Hold Relevant Details For Yourself

If you have a story for an overthinker, you’d better be prepared with all the details. The more information they have, the better will be for everyone. Be prepared for a lot of questions if your story is incomplete or is missing some important details.

5. One of The Most Difficult Things is to Relax

As an overthinker is always active and thinking about everything, it’s really hard for them just to relax and not try to find solutions for some problems in their head. Relaxing has a different meaning when dating an overthinker, so be prepared to do it on your own. Give the overthinker you’re dating space and time to relax in his/her own way and always keep in mind they are a special type of person.

6. They Will Try To Solve Your Problems

Another great skill that overthinkers have is problem solving. They are really good at it, so if you decide to have a relationship with one, be ready to have your problems solved. Overthinkers find it challenging and fun for their brain to solve problems so you should start accepting it, not feeling overwhelmed.